Welcome to CasaCuba - the soul of our culture


A home for our past, our present and our future, CasaCuba will be the only cultural center of its kind in the world and a vibrant, state-of-the-art destination that will inspire you through the rhythms of the Cuban heritage.

Patrons of CasaCuba have a unique opportunity to honor the Cuban legacy, preserve our community’s roots and family stories for future generations, and contribute to a better tomorrow.

CasaCuba will be built once and last a lifetime.

CasaCuba formalizes what has been true for many years: Cuba is in FIU’s DNA.


There are currently no CasaCuba events scheduled.

CasaCuba will offer unprecedented opportunities to support the work of Cuba scholars and policymakers across the globe while showcasing and preserving, for generations to come, the richness of the Cuban heritage.

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