Florida International University is building a first-of-its-kind destination for the world to experience Cuban history and culture. FIU CasaCuba at the Benjamín León Jr. Building will be a vibrant Cuban home that invites visitors to gather, exchange ideas, and find inspiration in the rich Cuban heritage. A multifaceted center, CasaCuba will showcase FIU’s Cuba-related collections, expertise and programming.

Cultural Center

A home for Cuban heritage, CasaCuba will share stories of immigration and exile and celebrate Cuban contributions to the arts, society, and industry through performances, interactive learning experiences, and exhibition.

Research and Education Center

CasaCuba will be the world’s preeminent hub for research and education on Cuba and the Cuban diaspora, with FIU’s longstanding research and education centers dedicated to studying Cuba, Latin America, and the Caribbean.


Uniting faculty, students, policymakers, business leaders, and the community in a non-partisan space, CasaCuba will provide a forum for discussing Cuba-related topics and policy.

CasaCuba will be built once and last a lifetime. It will stand as a testament to families who came with nothing and, through their will and their work, created our shared home. It will honor their legacy by preserving the Cuba story for future generations and sharing it with the world.


To provide a dynamic home for the discussion and study of Cuban affairs - history, policy, and business - and the celebration of the Cuban heritage.


To be the consequential home for the preservation of Cuban culture and a catalyst for an empowered tomorrow.