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Artsit's rendering of CasaCuba at FIU

 Agustín R. Arellano, Sr. and his family donate $1 million to FIU’s CasaCuba

“I hope our gift will help provide a place where everyone can learn about and appreciate the unique, multi-layered Cuban culture and history. I'm looking forward to seeing this project develop into a true home for Cubans and a resource for our community and beyond."

-Agustín R. Arellano, Sr., co-founder and Chairman of NV2A Group, CasaCuba Board Chair

CasaCuba welcomes new executive director

“I am honored to join FIU and lead an initiative that will consolidate the University’s already prominent work in Cuban studies. Through CasaCuba, I am excited to engage the community to promote an even greater understanding of Cuba and preserve our extraordinary legacy for generations to come.” 

-María Carla Chicuén, CasaCuba Executive Director


CasaCuba: a home for all things Cuban at FIU

The initiative will harness FIU’s prestigious scholarly and cultural resources to activate its extensive Cuban collections for scholars and the public, with the eventual goal of constructing a 50,000-square-foot facility on FIU’s campus